Sizzla Releases New Album With Damon Dash

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The reggae/dancehall star Sizzla has signed to Damon Dash Music Group (DDMG) for his upcoming release The Overstanding. Like Elephant Man, who recently inked his own deal, with Diddy, Sizzla is one of the few reggae/dancehall stars to cross into mainstream music, and his signing to DDMG will likely push him further into that realm. An artist who rarely even grants interviews, he'll have to change his reclusive ways as one of the chief aims in this deal is exposing him to a new set of fans. That would explain the guest appearance from Busta Rhymes. In any case, expect more magazine features and interviews with the artist at your local newsstand very soon.

The Overstanding is out November 21, 2006 via Dame Dash Music Group.

Track List

1. The Overstanding
2. Just One Of Those Days
3. Break Free
4. Black Woman & Child
5. Cost Of Living
6. Solid As A Rock
7. I've Been Watching
8. I Love You Baby
9. Thank You For Loving Me
10. Pay To Learn
11. Give Me A Try
12. Smoke Marijuana
13. Thank You Mama
14. Beautiful Day
15. Rebel Music feat. Busta Rhymes