Skweee Extravaganza: New Releases From LoDubs/Grand Cooley, Daniel Savio, and Rigas

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Weee love us some skweee over at XLR8R, as you may already know, so we're pleased to announce a few new releases from some of the scene's biggest players. First up, Portland music hub LoDubs just hipped us to what they're calling the first-ever skweee mixed cassette, entitled Mega?-?Plaskweeebo, helmed by label head Jon AD (but released by Grand Cooley, technically) and featuring the likes of Pavan, Rigas den Andre, Randy Barracuda, and plenty more. The limited-to-100 C-60 cassette is available for pre-order, and to stream, here.

But that's not all: The main who gave skweee its name, Daniel Savio (pictured above), has just put up a free-to-the-masses album, SKW3FRGR8R, available to download here, and his Stockholm neighbor, Rigas den Andre, just dropped this little gem, "Dead Ponies," which you can check out below, as a teaser for his upcoming full-length, Speed Run, due out in May.