Solomun and Stimming to Release Split EP

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Continuing their longstanding collaborative relationship, Hamburg's Mladen Solomun (a.k.a. Solomun, pictured above) and Martin Stimming (a.k.a. Stimming) have just announced a new split EP, Challenge Everyday, their first since 2008's Trilogy EP. Containing four dance cuts and one light-hearted intro, the EP breaks down pretty easily into two sides: the dark tech-funk of Solomun's "See You Everyday Alone" and the acoustic shimmer of Stimming's "Challenge the Air." Challenge Everyday drops September 26 on Solomun's Diynamic imprint, but in the meantime, check out the tracklisting and album art below.


Solomun - Intro
Solomun - See You Everyday Alone
Solomun - See You Everyday Alone (Dub Version)
Stimming - Challenge the Air
Stimming - Challenge the Air (Dub Version)