Special Request, Four Tet, Legowelt, Midland, and More to Appear on Phonica's 10th Anniversary Comp

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Opened in September of 2003, Phonica Records will celebrate its 10th year as a brick-and-mortar vinyl shop in London's Soho district with an upcoming three-disc compilation. The enduring record store has enlisted an eclectic and impressive array of artists to help celebrate its decade-long run serving London's electronic and dance music community. Split into three separate discs (or LPs), 10 Years of Phonica's first two parts gather exclusive new tracks from the likes of Juju & Jordash, Legowelt, Moire, Mr. G, I:Cube, Joakim, In Flagranti, and Roman Flugel, among many others. The collection's final disc brings together tracks released via the Phonica label over the years, and includes remixes by Four Tet and Kassem Mosse (who takes on a track from Special Request, pictured above) alongside original tunes from Midland and Lord of the Isles. The artwork and tracklist for 10 Years of Phonica (out on vinyl February 17, and in CD form on February 24) are included below.

01 Joe Claussell - Them Days Are Gone
02 Henrik Schwarz - Synthphonica
03 John Morales - Sitting In The Dark
04 In Flagranti - Outsider House
05 Raudive - Health
06 Trevor Jackson – RGBPM 3
07 Red Rack'em & Medlar – Morning Light
08 Loshea – Home
09 Moire – Solar Signs
10 STL – Freaky Fingers
11 Roman Flugel – Giant Talking Vegetable


01 I:Cube – Chemise Africaine
02 Juju & Jordash – Quneitra
03 Joakim – Eahr
04 Massimiliano Pagliara – It’s A Lately Thing
05 Legowelt – Lovecraftiannature
06 Discodromo – Boi
07 DJ Kaos – Bufflo Dub
08 Mr G – My Thursdayz
09 OL – AMC Edite
10 Lady Blacktronika – Gods And Planets
11 Panoram – Alpha Marmara
12 Psychemagik – Triumph Of The Gods

01 Iori – Moon (Steve Moore Remix)
02 Polymath – Sad City
03 North Lake – Marlborol Noir
04 Midland – Play The Game
05 Special Request – Deflowered (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup Remix)
06 Bob Holroyd – African Drug (Four Tet Remix)
07 Iori – Grit (Skudge Remix)
08 Lord Of The Isles – Forkx
09 The Draughtsman – Fade To Green
10 Sandro Perri – Love And Light (Tom Croose Remix)