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Squarepusher Delivers Rare Mix of Old Material

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No matter what your thoughts are about whichever incarnation of Squarepusher UK mastermind Tom Jenkinson is currently pushing, chances are you once loved the man's music the most when he was making mutated jungle and IDM tunes. It's a love that prompted our recent High Five feature with the veteran producer, and it's likely the same love that prompted London's Bloc festival to ask him put together a mix of Squarepusher material from 1996 through 2002 before he brought his astounding new live show to its weekend event. Yes, this exciting trip down memory lane compiles highlights from classic releases like Feed Me Weird Things, Big Loada, Hard Normal Daddy, Go Plastic, and beyond. You can stream the whole thing for a limited time, courtesy of Bloc, in the player below, where you'll find the tracklist as well.

1. "F-Train" / from Do You Know Squarepusher / 2002
2. "North Circular" / from Feed Me Weird Things / 1996
3. "Problem Child" / from Port Rhombus / 1996
4. "Carwreck (Squarepusher Remix)" (orig. by Funky Porcini) / from Carweck EP / 1996
5. "50 Cycles" / from Ultravisitor / 2003
6. "The Exploding Psychology" / from Go Plastic / 2001
7. "Massif (Stay Strong)" / from Big Loada / 1997
8. "Chin Hippy" / from Hard Normal Daddy / 1997
9. "Kill Robok" / from Do You Know Squarepusher / 2002
10. "Anstromm Feck 4" / from Do You Know Squarepusher / 2002
11. "The Modern Bass Guitar’" / from Hello Everything / 2006
12. "Metteng Excuske v1.2" / from Go Plastic / 2001
13. "Journey To Reedham" / from Big Loada / 1997
14. "My Red Hot Car" / from Go Plastic / 2001