Stacey Pullen Announces New EP

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One of Detroit's influential producers/DJs from the city's "second wave" of techno innovators, Stacey Pullen, has announced a new EP set to drop on his own Blackflag imprint. The label, which Pullen resurrected last year with his own "Alive" track, has had a limited but well-received catalog of releases since it was founded over a decade ago. Now set to build upon this respected past, Pullen has announced he will be dropping the Get Up EP digitally on April 5. The EP, comprised of only the title track and an accompanying dub version, is said to find Pullen mining his well of experience for a rhythmically dominant track complete with a "a blessing from the Godfather of Soul." Techno legends sampling James Brown? Yep, we're intrigued too. You can check the artwork below.