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Steve Hauschildt Readies Double-Disc Album for Editions Mego

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Former Emeralds member Steve Hauschildt has announced he will release a collection of previously unreleased and rare recordings circa 2005 through 2012 on an upcoming double-LP for Editions Mego. Set to drop on September 16, S/H will not serve as a proper album, but rather an "anthology" of sorts, documenting Hauschildt's evolution as an artist and perhaps illuminating his eventual role in Emeralds. The collection is said to incorporate everything from "short electronic sketches to full-blown synthesizer suites," with many songs lifted from limited CD-Rs and long-out-of-print cassette releases. The artwork and tracklist for S/H are included below, along with a stream of "Enter Return."

CD1: 2010 - 2012
01. Poinsettia
?02. Galloping
?03. Thumbprints
04. Uncanny Valley
05. Dimmer
06. Enter Return

?07. Familiar Scene
08. Dream in Dial-Up
09. Flatbed Scanner
10. Ampersands
11. Auto Mile
?12. Liberty I
?13. Liberty II
?14. Liberty III
?15. Intimate Yell
?16. Seabreezes
?17. Flyswatter
?18. Screenburn
?19. By Buildings
20. Vox Ulterior
?21. Still Cloudy


CD 2: 2005 - 2009
01. In the Waves
?02. Coming Into View
?03. Jovian
?04. Venn
?05. Star Map
?06. Backwards Glance
?07. OCR
?08. Rapt for Liquid Minister
09. Portal
?10. Critique of the Beautiful
11. Hemero
?12. Hiccup
?13. Verbatim
?14. Red Corridor
?15. Passing Cars
?16. Different Directions