Stream an Exclusive Track from Sean Moriguchi's Latest EP

'Get Up' is now available for purchase on Beatport via Outta Limits.
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Hailing from the UK, DJ and producer Sean Moriguchi recently released his sophomore EP, Get Up, via Outta Limits Recordings. Having debuted on Love Handles Records back in 2014, Moriguchi has now thrown together a package of two tracks that includes the title track and the b-side cut, "Do You Understand," which incorporates some of Moriguchi's hip-hop vocal flavor while also keeping an underlying techno theme.

With a classical background and a love for pirate radio, Sean Moriguchi got his start at Deep Recording Studios in London as an intern at the age of seventeen. Since then, Moriguchi has honed his DJ and production skills to a point of gaining a substantial amount of recognition and respect in the Brighton music scene. Immense and shrouded in dark rhythms and tones, the airy soundscapes and echoing vocal samples of Moriguchi's Get Up EP have a subterranean aura that feels right at home with the underground vibe that has influenced his music over the years.

You can check out an exclusive stream of the track over on our Soundcloud, and be sure to check out more from Sean Moriguchi by visiting his SoundCloud page here.