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The mix was recorded live at Hoppetosse on Sunday, November 26.
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Vera Heindel (a.k.a. Vera) has shared a rare live recording, this time from her recent set at Berlin's Hoppetosse this past weekend.

Vera, co-founder of Melliflow with Alexandra, has earned a reputation for making interesting, carefully-considered selections, and for patching together bits of techno, house, minimal, and electro. This latest recording is no different: an expertly curated segment an eight-hour set, brimming with beautifully diverse club cuts. And this is without her records...

"This mix was recorded live at Hoppetosse Berlin on Sunday, at the unofficial New Kids On Acid after-hours, where I spontaneously and totally unexpectedly accepted to take over the party. I didn't have my records with me, as I wasn't booked for the party, so I ended up playing for eight hours from my USB key I had in my wallet. We finished at 1pm on Monday. Despite some sloppy mixes I decided to upload the whole recording, only the last 3 h are missing. Unfortunately, the recorder stopped earlier than the party :)" — Vera