Stream Ike Release's Upcoming Debut LP for MOS

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Ahead of its release next week, Noir—the debut full-length from Chicago native Ike Release—can now be streamed in full. Due out via Dutch label MOS on December 1, the album follows from last year's Dream Sequencer EP for the imprint, not to mention a series of hardware-driven house EPs and albums alongside Hakim Murphy as Innerspace Halflife. For this latest solo effort, Release characteristically employs the wide range of machines at his disposal—among them, Microkorgs, iPad apps, cracked soft synths, and borrowed Nord leads—to craft 10 deeply textured house constructions lined with percussive grooves.

"The aim with the album evolved from the time it was initially proposed," Release says. "I was being pretty diligent about sending [MOS boss Steven] the tracks I was working on, and really, all I wanted to do was showcase who I am musically. Noir is what came about in the end—the title plays into a theme that runs through much of my work, which Steven helped me identify."

Ike Release's debut full-length arrives in digital and vinyl formats on December 1, but before then, Noir can be streamed in its entirety via the player below.