Stream Tallesen's Upcoming Debut LP for Software

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Based in New York's Hudson Valley, visual artist and producer Cayman Johnson will issue his debut full-length as Tallesen via the Software label next week. Ahead of its November 11 release date, the forthcoming 12-track record is now streaming in full on XLR8R.

Entitled Stills Lit Through, Johnson's debut LP sees the young artist sculpting densely packed sonic excursions. Though some tracks appear virtually beatless, most all of Stills Lit Through finds Johnson's propensity for sparse—and, at times, sporadic—rhythms at the base of its productions. Still, the LP's tracks are rarely left empty, as the producer fits a never-ending stream of murky textures, gelatinous chords, and aimless melodies between the record's off-kilter percussion. What emerges is a record that largely downplays traditional musicality, instead focusing its efforts on crafting deeply immersive sonic experiences, and ultimately resulting in an abundantly unique debut outing from the East Coast artist.

Officially out next Tuesday, Tallesen's Stills Lit Through LP can be heard in its entirety below.