Stream Tim Goldsworthy's Remix of Dauwd

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Earlier this month, Ghostly and Pictures Musicannounced the joint release of an upcoming remix collection for Dauwd's (pictured above) excellent Heat Division EP, featuring reworks from Dauwd himself along with Ostgut Ton affiliate Nick Höppner and DFA co-founder and producer extraordinnaire Tim Goldsworthy. With the Heat Division Remixes EP out today, we can now offer a full stream of Goldsworthy's extended reworking of "Heat Division." On his remix, the veteran artist adds a number of airy touches to Dauwd's bottom-heavy track, but it's the addition of his own vocals that make "Heat Division" an entirely fresh listen in its reworked format (though, an instrumental version also appears on the EP). In addition to the stream of "Heat Division (Tim Goldsworthy Remix)" below, Dauwd's own dub of "Silverse" for the collection can also be streamed in full here.