Strut Preps Double-Disc Dance Mania Retrospective

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The knowledgable crew at Strut have put together a comprehensive retrospective of legendary Chicago house label Dance Mania for the forthcoming Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986-1997 compilation. Set to drop early next year, the 24-track collection will cover the seminal label's evolving sound from Chicago's exploding house scene of the '80s into the the roots of ghetto-house in the '90s—including standout cuts from Parris Mitchell's Rhythm II Rhythm alias, DJ Funk, and recent XLR8Rpodcast contributor Paul Johnson, among others. No exact release date for Hardcore Traxx has been shared yet, but the compilation's full tracklist is included below.

01 Hercules - 7 Ways (Club)
02 Victor Romeo featuring Leatrice Brown - Love Will Find A Way (Club)
03 The House Master Boyz And The Rude Boy Of House - House Nation
04 Duane & Co – J.B. Traxx
05 Vincent Floyd - I Dream You
06 Da Posse featuring Martell - Searchin’ Hard
07 Club Style - Crazy Wild
08 Jammin’ The House Gerald - Black Women (Club)
09 Tyree - Nuthin’ Wrong
10 Strong Souls – Twinkles
11 3.2.6 – Falling (Armando’s House mix)
12 Rhythm II Rhythm – A Touch Of Jazz (Lifestyles Of The Rich mix)

01 DJ Funk - House the Groove
02 Paul Johnson – Feel My M.F. Bass
03 DJ Funk – The Original Video Clash: Video Clash II (Street mix)
04 Parris Mitchell Project feat. Wax Master - Ghetto Shout Out!!
05 DJ Deeon – Da Bomb
06 Houz’ Mon – Fear The World
07 Vincent Floyd – I’m So Deep
08 Tim Harper – Toxic Waste (Club mix)
09 Robert Armani – Ambulance
10 DJ Deeon – House-O-Matic
11 Traxmen & Eric Martin – Hit It From The Back
12 Top Cat – Work Out