SXM Festival Rallies to Rescue and Rebuild Saint Martin

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As most of those around the world are aware, a devastating hurricane has been tearing through the Carribean and southern parts of the East Coast of the USA. Some of the worst hit locations include Saint Martin, which was home to this year's SXM Festival. As relief efforts across the globe grow, SXM Festival has issued a statement and plea to help those in the Carribean.

You can read the statement below and can donate to the relief here.

Our hearts go out to those affected by the devastation.

"Imagine the worst possible scenario and it is worse than that. IRMA, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded, has left a path of devastation in the Caribbean and continues to threaten many more communities.

"The full force of IRMA was felt as the eye passed over Saint Martin, the pearl of the Caribbean. Our hearts are with everyone who has been affected by this massive storm and to those who are in her path. At this time we are concentrating our efforts in raising funds to assist with the basic needs of our brothers and sisters on Saint Martin as we are intimately connected to the people and the island."The damage has been monumental as 95% of the infrastructure has been reported destroyed. There is another storm developing in the wake of IRMA and the people are vulnerable. There are no electricity or water services and no radio. In association with the Dutch and French tourism boards on the island, our fundraising will be directed to where it is needed most. As the official fundraising campaign, we are in close touch with the government to assess their needs."We ask for your help and generosity now and as we continue to support the island through its reconstruction. Our goal has always been to bring joy and love to this special island and now we need to do this more than ever. We have had so much support from Saint Martin to build our dream festival and now it is our turn to help. Please like, love and share widely."If you have any supplies you can offer please contact us directly to help coordinate at"