Technics to Launch High-Resolution Download Store

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After surprising, and for that matter, disappointing many DJs around the globe with the announcement (back in 2010) that it would discontinue production of its turntables, the Technics camp has revealed another intriguing bit of news, detailing plans to launch a high-resolution music store in January of next year.

According to an article posted earlier today on Music Week, the store—deemed Technics Tracks—will "carry a selection of 24-bit FLAC audio tracks, including tens of thousands in the 192kHz sampling rate... [as well as] an extensive collection of 16-bit/44.1kHz, CD quality tracks." Appearing to be aimed at audiofiles and high-fidelity music connoisseurs, the service will first be launched in the UK and Germany in January, with no indication yet as to when the service may become available for US customers.

Described by David Preece, head of Technics Brand Strategy in Europe, as "another step in supporting our ultimate goal of bringing the world's highest-class audio experience to serious music lovers," Music Week's full article on the forthcoming Technics Tracks store can be found here.