The 12 Days of Christmas, Day 11


Web editor Jennifer Marston plans to shrug off her indie rock sensibilities this Christmas and get herself (and her loved ones) this collectible action figure.

I’m unabashedly in love with my indie rock, so it’s a tough task getting me to quit whining, put down the headphones, and blast some beats. Stones Throw Records–home to Madlib, J Dilla, Dudley Perkins, and every other hip-hop artist I care to listen to–just might be able to accomplish this feat with their latest collaborative project.

Working with collectible toy scientists Kid Robot, the label has crafted an 8.5-inch Madvillain action figure that’s a damn good representation of the masked figure that represents the MF Doom and Madlib project. The figure, which coincides with the upcoming Chrome Children Part 2 release, comes in green or black and, as the Stones Throw site claims, “big giant fists to knock you out with.” One catch–it’s not available until the new year, so I might have to barge into the store and show them my punching moves while singing “America’s Most Blunted” as loud as I can.

Madvillain action figures will be available starting January 11, 2007 from Kid Robot. Pick one up for yourself or get started with next year’s Christmas shopping.

Jennifer Marston

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