The 12 Days of Christmas, Day 7


Creative Director Brianna Pope’s holiday is all about birds, blue, and brown. She finds the perfect way to have all three and still cart her junk around with this combination from Gama-Go.

This bag/wallet combo is perfect for any bird- and magazine-loving girl who can't let go of the whole brown/blue thing. I know, it's long-gone, but to me the color combination will never die. NEVER. 

And neither will this bag, which is the perfect size for carting around magazines (unless you subscribe to W) and all the other crap that accumulates in a day. The inside is lined with light teal satin and has a small zipper pocket and some penholders.

The wallet is ideal for someone who needs to organize their jeans pockets but doesn't want to carry around a clutch-sized wallet. It zips all around and folds open to reveal a dark teal interior, a coin pouch, a billfold, three slots for cards, and a clear outside pocket for your ID. The best thing is that all this fits in your back pocket. Or in the matching bag.

The Gama-Go bird satchel is available at for $54.
The Gama-Go bird wallet is also available in other styles (including a cute mock-cigarette pack) for $24.
Both items are vegan.

Brianna Pope

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