The 12 Days of Christmas, Day 8

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Sorry, readers. While the rest of us have been talking directly to you about our holiday wants and needs, Vivian Host shall dispense with such light banter and go directly to the man in charge. Hopefully a big fat guy who dresses in head-to-toe red and wears a funny hat will understand our editor’s need to grab one of these Official Tourist hoods for all her holiday hangovers.

Dear Santa,

I have zero Christmas spirit and plan to spend most of the holiday season making angry troll noises. But you should still give me a present.

Actually, I want one of these Official Tourist hoods. They are so good because they are large enough to hide my face when I am hungover and sneering at people. They also make any outfit into an automatic party, express my love for the crazy, fluorescent rave days, and sate my desire to wear a hoodie every goddamn day. Did I mention that they are reversible and they are handmade in San Francisco by Jasco, Leo, and Michael? (Leo and Jasco also make some kind of new-school hyphy bass jams that you will probably hear on the Tigerbeat6 label sometime soon.)

If you put one of these in my stocking, I will probably be so happy that I won’t even follow through with my plan to steal all the sheep from the nativity scene at First Presbyterian. Swear.


Official Tourist hoods are available for $60 at the Adidas Concept Store (San Francisco), Boundless (Brooklyn), DQM and Alife (New York), or online.

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