The Analogue Cops to Release Debut LP; Preview it Now

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The Italian-born, Berlin-based duo of Lucretio and Marieu (a.k.a. The Analogue Cops) is set to release its debut album, Heavy Hands, via its own vinyl-only Restoration label. Out sometime in mid-March, the release features appearances by longtime collaborators Steffi and Blawan, as well as a first-time collaboration with Stanley Anscrom (a.k.a. Eat). Though this marks the team's first full-length effort, Analogue Cops has been spitting out releases under various monikers—such as Xenogears, OCP, Third Side (featuring Steffi), and Parassela (featuring Blawan)—over the past couple of years, a catalog which includes the noteworthy and recently reviewed Five EP. Group member Lucretio claims each record in Heavy Hands' double-12" package ends with "experimental noise," though you won't get to hear it in the preview included below, where you can also check out the artwork and tracklist.