The Gaslamp Killer, Knxwledge, Jeremiah Jae, and Many More to Feature on Stones Throw Comp

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LA art/design/photography crew and label Hit+Run has made a name for itself in the world of Southern California beat music over the years, most recently issuing a series of limited-edition 7" singles featuring handmade, screen-printed artwork and original productions from the likes of Kutmah, Jeremiah Jae, Ras G, The Gaslamp Killer (pictured above), Knxwledge, and Gonjasufi, among many others. And now, Stones Throw will help commemorate those releases and celebrate Hit+Run's seventh anniversary with a vinyl-only compilation which brings together all 29 exclusive tracks from the series. HIT+RUN 777 will be packaged as a double-LP pressed on "one-of-a-kind" red/blue and bone/gold vinyl, with a collage of all 14 sleeves from the 7" series as the release's artwork. Only 800 copies of the compilation will be available when it drops on December 17. Pre-orders can be made here, and HIT+RUN 777's tracklist and artwork can be found below.

A1 Mono/Poly - Triad
A2 Shas'u - Boogie Buster
A3 Crimekillz - Cocaine Problem
A4 Jeremiah Jae - New Day feat. Isreal
A5 Zeroh - Legacy
A6 Kutmah - Black Myth feat. Holy Smoke
B1 Gonjasufi - Fish Bite / The Synagogue
B2 J Rocc - Andreti's Theme
B3 Zackey Force Funk - Force Funk Sound
B4 Jeremiah Jae - Rawmoney Shit feat. Franklin Tabasco
B5 Dibia$e - Plasma
B6 Ras G - Daal... Garlic Naan
B7 Kutmah - Sacred No More
C1 The Gaslamp Killer - He's Watching You
C2 Dibia$e - Hotboxin'
C3 Crimekillz - Your City Here
C4 Computer Jay - The Renaissance Rising
C5 Ras G - Beta Isreal
C6 Dibia$e - Good Deeds
C7 Knx - Urluhv
C8 Knx - Drt
C9 Kutmah - Changin
D1 Ras G - Dealing Wit Urflings
D2 Shash'u - Summer Time
D3 Computer Jay - The Death Wish Harmony
D4 Crimekillz - Wolves
D5 Zackey Force Funk - Pump feat. Reggie Blount
D6 Knx - Kerfew
D7 Knx - Dntkry