The Haxan Cloak Readies LP for Tri Angle, Shares New Track

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Tri Angle might be well known for its trademark dark, romantic sound, be it the lived-in landscapes of Vessel or the surreal sexuality of Holy Other. However, London artist The Haxan Cloak (a.k.a. Bobby Krlic) is by far the scariest and most daunting of its roster's constituents, and today, he's announced the imminent release of his new LP for the label and shared the fresh track "The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)." Since he first appeared in 2011 with his self-titled debut, The Haxan Cloak has been perfecting a largely sinister sound of boiling feedback, junkyard percussion, and an overwhelming sense of dread. Taken from the forthcoming Excavation album, "The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)" embraces all of that, but also kinds Krlic throwing in dissonant string work that clashes against the bells and reverbed kicks propelling the track through it's seven minute span. Before the The Haxan Cloak's sophomore album appears on April 15, you can check out its tracklist and artwork, as well as stream the aforementioned new song, below.

1. Consumed
2. Excavation (Part 1)
3. Excavation (Part 2)
4. Mara
5. Miste
6. The Mirror Reflecting (Part 1)
7. The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)

8. Dieu
9. The Drop