The Source Loses Sexual Harassment Suit

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Try not to act too shocked, but it seems that major hip-hop publication the Source is having legal woes once again. After a two-week trial, Kimberly Osorio, a former editor-in-chief of the magazine, won a workplace lawsuit and was awarded $15.4 million.

Osorio was fired by the Source last year, supposedly for "poor performance," and sued on the grounds of sexual harassment, gender discrimination, defamation, and maintaining a hostile work environment. The eight-day trial gave those present a peek into what a day in the life of working at the Source might be like, which included watching porn videos, violence threats, and sexual relations with various rappers.

Osorio, who is now an editor at BET, claims her win as a victory for women in hip-hop. Founders Raymond Scott and David Mays have announced they will appeal the verdict. And the saga continues...