The Week In Dubstep

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Cyrus from Random Trio (Tectonics Records) mashed up L.A. and San Francisco this past weekend. Needless to say, his many exclusive CDRs and new tracks garnered an enthusiastic response and many wheel backs. Random Trio’s “Indian Stomp” is also featured in the recent Alfonso Cuarón flick Chldren of Men.

Even the L.A. Times is flipping for the ruff subz. The paper does a good job of describing the city’s growing dubstep corps, though not all members of the L.A. music community seem to be fans. A choice quote in the article found DJ Lorin (voted Nor Cal’s Number One DJ by Nitevibe), disparaging the music, despite that he often works dubstep tracks into his dubby-breaks sets. Further dismay at the genre: "So much of it just bores me to tears’, says San Francisco-based DJ/producer Bassnectar (a.k.a. Lorin Ashton), who has played the genre's best tracks but considers most of them excessively lethargic.”

Meanwhile, Nickie’s Black Market Music, now simply called BM Soho, has a slew of mad new dubstep tracks, including one from Obeah (Kraken), Kromestar’s “Here We Come” (Southside), N-Type’s “Street Justice” on 3.5, Tes La Rok (Bare Dubs), and a gorgeous, dubby “Toasted” by Reso, on Pitch Black–’s dubstep track of the week.

S.F. local Kush Arora has three dubstep burners coming soon. Kush and Lukino’s “Surf’s Up” is everything you want inna South Asian-meets-Spaghetti Western style dub track, and don’t miss “Boss Strut,” with Process Rebel. Bumbaclaat! Fellow Bay local Juju has been no slouch either, with his new Narco Hz label single “Punks” about to take him big time.

Sub FM, “the original pirate style internet radio station,” features loads of excellent dubstep programming in the mix from cats like Dub-U, Whistla, and SMOG, L.A.’s main dubstep collective.

You’ll still find a lot of good links and music clips at the revamped Dubplate site. Man, that Tubby track “Brain Dead” is craaazee!