The Week In Music, April 27

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Sheryl Crow has finally taken a stance against toilet paper. According to the BBC, Ms. Crow is advocating legal action against those who use too many squares in the loo. Haters of the planet, don’t stress–she has also requested no less than 18 vans for her tour to fight global warming.

Right Said Fred pseudo-star Richard Fairbrass also took time this week to stand up for what he believes–cars and cigarettes. Fairbass has stated he will run for mayor in London, claiming he’ll fight the smoking ban in rebuttal to “Red Ken” Livingstone’s bill that charges commuters eight pounds to drive to the city’s center. Perhaps the former should just take the bus and calm down.

Willie Nelson (pictured above) was caught with 1 ½ pounds of marijuana and 0.2 pounds of hallucinogenic mushrooms this week, and promptly slapped on the wrist with $1,024 in fines before being released. While leaving the building he simply said, “Thank y’all.” Let’s not forget that he allegedly smoked pot on top of the White House, a true patriot.

Meanwhile, in the news of the common man, XLR8R’s Fred Miketa interviewed Oliver Stumm, from New York-based duo A Touch of Class (below). During the interview, Stumm remarked that most music being produced is awful, and that digital DJs are pushing a sound and approach that’s simply “unsexy.” He also professes a dislike for trance and liver.

And finally, a group not making arses of themselves in the headlines. Legendary reggae label Trojan records celebrates its 40th birthday. The label is known for releasing works by Duke Reid and Lee “Scratch” Perry early on, as well as influencing skinhead and Mod groups. After the better part of half a century, we’re excited for their silver anniversary in another 10 years. Big ups!

Cameron Octigan