This Week in Music Tech: Reason 7, Komplete 9, Ableton 9 Tutorials, a Modular DJ App, a Guide to Sampled Chords, and More

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For the latest edition of our weekly gear and music tech wrap-up, we take a look at the forthcoming Reason 7 and Komplete 9 programs, introduce our readers to a new modular DJ app, share Ableton's official Live 9 tutorials, divert readers' attention to Attack Magazine's guide to sampled chords, and listen in on a conversation with Dave Smith and Roger Linn.

New products from Propellerhead and Native Instruments plus a modular DJ app:

- Earlier this week, Propellerhead announced the forthcoming release of Reason 7, the next generation of its popular production software. The video above highlights some of updates to the program, including new MIDI-out capabilities, automatic beat slicing and audio quantize, enhanced mixer tools, a more comprehensive sound library, and a new virtual-vintage effect, the "The Audiomatic Retro Transformer."

- Berlin's Native Instruments announced it would release the lastest generation of its comprehensive sound and virtual instruments resource, Komplete 9, in the weeks to come. Offering two different versions, Komplete 9 and the more substantial Komplete 9 Ultimate, the software package incorporates almost all of NI's soft synths (including the new Monark instrument), virtual FX, samplers, and sound libraries into a single package. Both Komplete 9 and Komplete 9 Ultimate are set to hit shelves on March 27. More info can be found here.

- Presenting itself as the first-ever modular DJ app for iOS, d(--)b debuted in the iTunes store this week. The new app allows iPad DJs to build their own custom interfaces using up to six decks and choosing which tools—three-band EQ, cue points, pitch shift, etc.—they want at their fingertips. Best yet, the app is only $9.99.

Official Ableton 9 tutorials, a guide to using sampled chords, and a conversation with David Smith and Roger Linn:

- Following the release of Live 9 last week, Ableton uploaded a series of tutorials to get users started using and familiar with the basics of the new program. All eight videos can be watched using the player above.


- Attack Magazine has added another useful tutorial to its website, explaining the technique and use of sampled chords by analyzing songs from Bicep, Theo Parrish, and more. The full article can be read here.

- DJ Tech Tools' Ean Golden recently sat down with pioneering electronic instrument designers Dave Smith and Roger Linn to discuss a number of topics, including the pair's separate careers, the benefits of analog hardware, the impetus for creating MIDI, and much more. Ironically, the audio portion of the video is not of the highest quality, but it's still not poor enough to detract from the joy true synth nerds are bound to get from listening in on the discussion.