Throwing Snow Launches Four-Part EP Series via Houndstooth

'Trébucher' EP is out now.
Publish date:
throwing snow 20.10.16_008x

Throwing Snow, real name Ross Tones, has returned to Houndstooth with Trébucher, a two-track release that landed last week.

Tones, a London-based artist, has previously released two albums on the fabric-affiliated label, in addition to numerous EPs. He's now set to release four more EPs, the first of which is Trébucher, all designed to "showcase a collection of dancefloor releases" that will culminate in a special extended vinyl release this summer.

The EP opens with "Trébucher," featuring a stark repeated arpeggio line which guides you into the warped soundscape. As it twists and changes it draws you in further, working through various levels that stumble and fall over themselves ("Trebucher" is French for stumble). “Tantrum” is an industrial track—intimate, moody, and constructed with a cleanness and precision that's become synonymous with the producer's work.


02. Tantrum

Trébucher EP is out now, with the title track streaming above.