Throwing Snow's New Single is Slowed-Down Acidic Jungle; Hear it Now

'Simmer' drops tomorrow on Houndstooth.
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Tomorrow, Ross Tones (a.k.a. Throwing Snow) is set to return to Houndstooth with his latest release, Simmer.

The new two-tracker is the second in a series of club-focused records—following on from January's Trébucher—that will culminate in a special extended vinyl release this summer. Like its predecessor, Simmer finds Tones flexing his dancefloor repertoire with two warped cuts that touch on jungle, acid, drum & bass, and techno. The title track is "the track I've always wanted to write," Tones explains. "It combines many of my musical loves in one, it feels like jungle but at 125bpm"; whereas, on the flip, "Subtitles" is an "ode to Teebee vs Future Prophecy's 'Dimensional Entity,' which came out on Subtitles, hence the name."

Ahead of tomorrow's release, you can pre-order the record here, with "Simmer" streaming in full below.