Tom Trago, Juju & Jordash, Dexter, and More on Rush Hour's 'Amsterdam All Stars' Comp

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Amsterdam-based house and techno hub Rush Hour continues with its non-stop outpouring of high-quality dance music, the latest installment being a brand-new compilation that highlights the house-loving heroes of its hometown. Entitled Amsterdam All Stars (pictured above), the 12-track release features fresh, exclusive tracks from the likes of Tom Trago, Newworldaquarium, Dexter, Juju & Jordash, and Maxi Mill, among others, and will drop some time in the middle of November. A press release for the forthcoming record says that "it paints a detailed picture of the nightlife away from the big arenas led by superstar performers... [and] zooms in on the music that gets played at a small, dark club [on] one of the city's back streets." You can check out the full tracklist for Rush Hour's Amsterdam All Stars comp below.

1. San Proper - Caught On You
2. Maxi Mill - In No Time
3. Tom Trago - Once Upon A Time In Amsterdam
4. Awanto3 - Crappy Joyride
5. Melon - Telephones
6. Dexter - Zamba
7. Simon Weiss - Amsterdam Wave
8. Boris Werner - How Far Can I Go
9. Steve Rachmad - Boogie Moogie
10. Juju & Jordash - Bleached Roots
11. Newworldaquarium - Liberty Hot
12. Young Marco - Hoodoo (digital only)