Tortoise Branches Into Bumps

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Tortoise is a fairly recognizable name on the Midwestern indie circuit, and the band’s propensity to experiment with everything from electronics to jazz has marked them as a post-rock miracle. The Chicago-based quintet has been making noise for nearly two decades, producing some of Thrill Jockey’s most esteemed releases, not to mention a series of subsequent side-projects (The Sea and Cake, Brokeback).

Three of the founding members–John Herndon, Dan Bitney, and John McEntire–have begun another tangentially related project–Bumps. The idea behind the band’s self-titled debut for Stones Throw is to create a concept breakbeat record. Unlike Tortoise’s music, Bumps ventures into occasionally darker and consistently more stripped-down terrain. The composition relies on the sway of percussion, mid-tempo hip-hop, polyrhythmic Afro-funk, and a bit of effect destruction.Clocking in at 23 tracks, DJs and producers will find the album a sample paradise.

Bumps is out June 19, 2007 on Stones Throw.

1. A Safe Balm
2. Biotic Discussion
3. …As Bond Did
4. Crass Jenny
5. Craven
6. Deal Tree
7. Hello, Leo
8. Can You See?
9. Sniper Growl
10. OK!!!
11. A Dumb Month
12. Baby Johann
13. Exponent Memoir
14. Nashira
15. Fun Injury
16. Dawn At Dawn
17. Bin Johnston
18. Intermission Pt. 1
19. Intermission Pt. 2
20. Thorny Joint
21. Tryplmeade Gorsmatch
22. Don't Cry, My Son
23. Swingland Hit