Video: Chrissy Murderbot "Bussin' Down (feat. DJ Spinn)"

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May 9 will see the release of the latest collection of mind-bending, fast-paced dancefloor tunes crafted by Chicago juke/footwork/ghetto house scholar Chrissy Murderbot. The producer will drop his new Women's Studies LP—boasting such excellent/sexist song titles as "Heavy Butt" and "Jiggle"—via Planet Mu, which is preceded by this funny music video for "Bussin' Down." The piece opens with Chrissy Murderbot and DJ Spinn sitting on a couch, both looking bored as could be. Next, Chrissy gets the idea to pop in his Bussin' Down cartridge into the videogame console, and after the pair get into a heated footwork battle à la Street Fighter II, things start to get a bit more exciting—even a little weird. You can check out that video up top, and peep the artwork and tracklist for the forthcoming Women's Studies record below.

Break U Off
New Juke Swing (feat. Rubi Dan)
Bussin Down (feat. DJ Spinn)
The Vibe Is So Right (feat. MC ZULU)
Bump Uglies (feat. Popeye)
Pelvic Floor (feat. Rubi Dan)
Heavy Butt
Nice Lookin Bwoy (feat. Mungos Hifi & Warrior Queen)
Sweet Thang (feat. Johnny Moog & Coool Dundee)
Under Dress (feat. Warrior Queen)
U Got Me Burnin Up (Club Cirque) (feat. Coool Dundee)