Video: Chrome Canyon "Generations"

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Brooklyn-based producer Chrome Canyon (a.k.a. Morgan Z) has summoned up this video for "Generations," an 80's film soundtrack-inspired cut lifted from his recently released Elemental Themes LP for Stones Throw. The beautifully shot narrative, presented by Scion AV, finds dancer Amanda Wells in a state of broken down despair after a heated bout of furniture throwing with her tux-garnished lover. "Morgan's album is different in that it feels more like a soundtrack to a film which has yet to be shot," explains director Ace Norton. "My goal wasn't to make a music video, it was to create a film that used his music more like how a score would to a single scene in a larger narrative." The theremin-wielding producer adds "Generations" to his growing list of recent cinema-inspired videos which accompany his album.