Video: Cubic Zirconia (feat. Bilal) "Night or Day (CZ Club Mix)"

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Sometimes a remix just isn't enough. Sometimes a song is strong enough that it demands something more, like, say, a music video. And so it is for this club mix that Brooklyn's Cubic Zirconia trio made for its song with guest crooner Bilal, "Night or Day." The piece is comprised of an array of 'day (night) in the life' clips that follow around singer Tiombe Lockhart (who also directed and edited the video) and producers Nick Hook and Daud Sturdivant. Intimate close-up shots show the band unwinding at home, working in the studio, hanging out at the bar, playing on stage, and traipsing about the city during night and day. It's an excellent counterpart to the deep, bubbly club version of Cubic Zirconia's soulful dance tune.