Video: Ghostpoet "Cash & Carry Me Home (feat. Kano)"

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Soft-skinned UK MC Ghostpoet released his debut LP, Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam, just earlier this year, and now we have a couple of remixes for lead single "Cash & Carry Me Home," one which has an accompanying video, too. Above, you can watch the artist responsible for the tune work in the studio with veteran wordsmith Kano on an alternate version of the single, courtesy of Red Bull Music Academy. It's an oddly upbeat clip, given the nature of the song's downtrodden vibe, but it's nonetheless enjoyable and interesting to see the artists in such high spirits while listening to their newly completed track. You can download the song below, and also grab an edit of Ghostpoet's number from Various Production's Ean over on FACT.