Video: High Places "Sonora"

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Rob Barber and Mary Pearson have been making forward-thinking pop music as High Places for a little over five years, with the band's most recent output seeing the light of day last month when Thrill Jockey released Original Colors. Above, you can watch a new video for album cut "Sonora", directed by Keith Musil. Musil sets the creeping funk of "Sonora" to a backdrop of unsettling images of a blood-stained young woman rescuing her lover from danger, a plot the director describes as "loosely based on the original Popeye cartoons." Complete with a bulging forearm, the video's heroine (played by High Places' own Pearson) makes short work of her Bluto, a "comical criminal who is in some way involved in the golf industry." Lighthearted though it may sound, the video is anything but—choosing instead to paint a picture of Popeye soaked in blood, fighting for the life of a loved one. You can catch High Places on tour in North America, South America, and Europe in the coming weeks.