Video: Kim Ann Foxman's "Creature"

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Stepping out from behind the shadow of producer Andy Butler and his Hercules & Love Affair ensemble, singer Kim Ann Foxman presents herself as a solo artist here on the video for her debut single, "Creature" (you can catch a stream of the tune here). And while her disco- and house-loving partner-in-crime Butler still holds the Executive Producer title and half of the writing/production credit, it's Foxman who remains the focus on this slick music video—well, Foxman and a handful of creatively dressed dancers. Altogether, the troupe executes interesting body movements, looking like some exaggerated Tae Kwan Do exercises, Foxman fervently sings her hushed vocal melodies over the retro-futuristic house production, and director Jonathan Turner makes his black-and-white piece look a bit like an extended CK One commercial, a fitting vibe for the era that "Creature" recalls.