Video: Onra "Sitting Back"

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In a fitting collaboration of sights and sounds, "Sitting Back," a slick dance jam taken from the Long Distance LP by French '80s-funk obsessive Onra, is treated to a similarly retro-centric music video by director Matt Ferran. Apparently, Ferran "sampled from [his] collection of obscure '80s videos and a few internet clips" to craft this piece, which leans heavy on the lo-fi VHS style that's been quite popular as of late. Onra's video is a bit more unique, however, thanks to the director's subtle and fitting use of visual effects, strong attention paid to continuity, and incorporation of both vintage and recent footage in a fluid way. After watching the video for "Sitting Back" a couple times through, we're pretty sure this is the best way to visualize Onra's nostalgic sounds.