Video: Phil Manley "FT2 Theme"

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Musician/producer/engineer Phil Manley (of Trans Am, Jonas Reinhardt, and The Fucking Champs fame) recently shared with us the title track from his brand-new LP for Thrill Jockey, called Life Coach, and now we're treated to a funny video from the San Francisco-based artist. Director Kerry McLaughlin (the woman behind XLR8R TV, Lazer Sword's "Gucci Sweatshirt" video, and other fine video productions) tells the story of Manley's alter-ego, a ponytail-sporting, turtleneck-wearing, Bluetooth-using 'life coach' who utilizes his headset's transformative powers for good—and maybe a bit for mischief. Watch as the protagonist traipses about San Francisco, encountering the city's denizens who aren't having the best of days, and, subsequently, showing them the way, as a proper life coach should.