Video Premiere: Adult. "Idle (Second Thoughts)"

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The new video for the "Idle (Second Thoughts)" single from reactivated Detroit synth duo Adult. (a.k.a. husband-and-wife team Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kupurus) is one of the last results of a long-fought crawl towards the outfit's new record for Ghostly, The Way Things Fall. As a tune, "Idle (Second Thoughts)" sounds much more sparse, mature, and darker than anything the already-sombre outfit had released before going on hiatus in 2007, and the accompanying clip takes the "dark" theme in the most literal direction it can. The band spends the video's four minutes bathed in darkness, cutting leisurely between shots of black-clad interpretive dance and rotating glimpses of Kupurus wearing various sculptured outfits. The Way Things Fall is out now on Ghostly—a record we marked the release of by surveying the veteran outfit's career with the pair's own commentary in our comprehensive Rewind feature with Adult. earlier this month.