Video Premiere: Jameszoo "The Clumtwins"

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Dutch producer Jameszoo returns to Amsterdam's Rwina imprint with "The Clumtiwns," a track whose off-kilter strut is only matched by the off-color animations which accompany its wacky and wild sounds. The video's characters, created by fellow Dutchman Niels de Haar, don't so much tell a story as they reveal a twisted world where a handful of bizarre creatures go on a rampage of sorts—perhaps seeking to punish the acts of debacherous men. "The Clumtwins" will see an official release as part of Jameszoo's forthcoming Jheronimus EP when it drops on July 1. That upcoming record's artwork and tracklist are included below.

01 Blue Flutebrid
02 Owlowowlo
03 Poek
04 The Clumtwins
05 Kreem Kund