Video Premiere: NSDOS "Meridien S-Dos"

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Longtime collaborators—not only in music but also in dance and digital art—Kirikoo Des and Walter Mecca are NSDOS, a pair whose new Lazer Connect EP just dropped via Parisian outpost ClekClekBoom, with the mechanical "Meridien S-Dos" serving as its opener. The tune's video sees Des and Mecca in control of a tabletop full of gear, around which a revolving camera picks up the duo's musical movements and cleverly placed monitors. We encircle NSDOS's production center as the artists actually improvise the video's music live. It's a simple idea, but one that proves to be an effective visual accompaniment to the brisk "Meridien S-Dos," a selection that carefully rides the line between machine-minded house and efficient techno. A preview of NSDOS's Lazer Connect EP can be found below.