Video Premiere: The Miracles Club "Church Song"

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The majority of folks look pretty damn hilarious when they dance. Sure, there are professionals and a handful of talented amateurs that can pull of their rug-cutting moves with a certain je ne sais quoi that transcends the usual silliness, but we can't all be J.Lo—or can we? This video for the latest cut of vintage-inspired house music from Portland's The Miracles Club, "Church Song," shows us that we can all be dancing superstars, especially if we dress as ridiculously as we dance. Shot on location at Portland Community Media, the piece is something like a public access version of The New Dance Show or The Scene, but with more smiley-face balloons, more Cosby sweaters, and more goats. And if you put a dancing goat in your music video, it doesn't matter how awesome your music is, because you've already won our hearts. Thankfully, The Miracles Club's new jam is solid (check out another new one here), and more of those are available now on their four-song EP, A New Love, via Mexican Summer.