Video: Tim Hecker "The Piano Drop"

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This video was put together by some loving fans of producer Tim Hecker's particularly brutal aural assaults, but was apparently sanctioned by the artist and his people, since that's who alerted us to its existence. Fittingly, the people responsible for the post paired a number from Hecker's forthcoming Ravedeath 1972 album, "The Piano Drop," with vintage, black-and-white footage of "The First MIT Baker House Piano Drop (1972)." As far as we can tell, that's about all they did aside from a few slow fades, but seeing as how a simple photo from those same proceedings was used in the album art for Ravedeath 1972, we see no reason they should've embellished any further. And don't forget to catch the release of Tim Hecker's new full-length when it drops on Valentine's Day.