Video: Twigs "How's That"

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Reclusive London-based singer/producer Twigs made a quiet splash last year with a number of leering tunes and visually confounding videos that eventually culminated with a low-key, four-track EP (simply titled EP). Given the project's output so far, it makes sense that Twigs would now enlist experimental beatmaker Arca to help produce "How's That," Twig's latest effort featured in the clip above. The London artists vocals here are almost impossible to fully separate from the tune's deep bassline—one of Arca's deepest yet—as they play an exceptionally tense game of sexual call-and-response. In that spirit, the Jesse Kanda-directed visuals are exactly what they need to be—a liquid female figure endlessly shapeshifting and reforming at a dizzying, double-time spin compared to the pace of the twilight-tinged tune itself.