Video: Xosar "The Calling"

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Xosar's tunes have been gaining a steady amount of attention over the past year, with her playful, warmly textured-but-coldly executed productions being both haunting and hard-hitting in equal measure. With this oddball clip for "The Calling," it appears the budding producer's playful spirit goes beyond just her musical creations, as the Amsterdam-via-California transplant and Legowelt collaborator displays a love for B movies and public-access TV in this new video for her for recent Rush Hour single. Xosar herself takes the lead as the clip's budding UFO enthusiast, and things gets progressively weirder from there—oversaturated lighting, logical fallacies, 8-bit montages, and Legowelt appearing as a close-encounter salesman of sorts are just a few of the highlights that await.