Walton Details Debut LP for Hyperdub

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Maybe Hyperdub's youngest upstart, 22-year-old Sam Walton, who produces simply as Walton, has been issuing 12"s and EPs for the UK label since 2011, slowly building an arsenal of stripped-down, low end-specific dancefloor cuts. But after plenty of build up, word of the Mancunian's debut long-player has arrived. Called Beyond, the 13-track LP is said to adhere to a "fresh and subtle intersection between music that doesn’t seem to naturally fit together—[such as] old Eski grime, funky, and Detroit house and techno—but with smudged edges and a colourful industrial sound palette." All but one of the cuts on Walton's upcoming album are previously unreleased, the exception being "Can't U See," which will appear on the Baby EP on May 27. Beyond won't be released via Hyperdub until July 1, but before then, its artwork and tracklist and can be found below.

1. Beyond
2. Nothing To Feel
3. Help Me Out
4. Can’t U See
5. You&Me
6. Love On The Dancefloor
7. Every Night
8. Memories
9. Frisbee
10. Take My Love
11. City Of God
12. Grit
13. Amazon