Watch a Wild New Video from The Soft Pink Truth

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The Why Do the Heathen Rage? LP, the first in ten years from Matmos member Drew Daniel's The Soft Pink Truth project, is set to see a release later this month via Thrill Jockey. But before the record drops, Daniel has let loose a wild new video for LP cut "Black Metal." An electronic cover of Venom's classic metal song of the same title, The Soft Pink Truth's hyperactive "Black Metal" is accompanied by a strange sequence of images, with the song's vocal contributor, Bryan Edward Collins, donning a cape and covered in face paint as he runs through the track's lyrical phrases, while Daniel himself and House of Revlon voguer David Serrotte also make frequent appearances amongst the fiery backgrounds and Satanic animations which mark much of the clip. The full video for "Black Metal" can be watched below before the Why Do the Heathen Rage? LP hits the ground running on June 17. (via FACT)