Watch Balam Acab's Mesmerizing New Video

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We've probably all caught ourselves doing it at one point or another: staring blankly at a snowy TV screen, wondering if anything might eventually emerge from the fuzz. And of course, nothing does appear, but then, we weren't watching this entrancing music video from teen producer Balam Acab. On this piece for a new mix of Acab's beautiful "See Birds (Sun)" song, which closed out his See Birds EP for Tri Angle Records, a flurry of television static vibrates on screen and slowly forms subtle patterns and images in its mess. You'll find it hard not to let your mind go and blur your focus, as you would a Magic Eye image, which we assume is the intended affect. For one reason or another, Acab's video isn't available to embed or stream, opting instead for the old-school Quicktime download option. Head over here to get either the low-res or high-res version.