Watch Holly Herndon's Video for New Single, "Home"

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Holly Herndon has shared a video for her new single "Home," which is built around the multidisciplinary West Coast artist's increasingly unsettled relationship with the NSA, or US National Security Agency. For the video, Dutch design studio Metahaven interspersed images of Herndon shot as if under surveillance with a "digital rain" of code names, acronyms, graphics, and icons used by the NSA in network spying operations. "For my debut album Movement, I communicated an intimacy with my laptop," says Herndon. "It is my instrument, memory, and window to most people that I love. It is my Home."

Herndon goes on to state that the ongoing NSA revelations have fundamentally changed this relationship. "I entrusted so much in my device," she says. "To learn this intimacy had been compromised felt like a grand betrayal. Is everything done privately on my laptop to be considered a public performance?...We are attempting to reconcile the great emotional power of these technologies knowing that the more we welcome them into our lives, the more power they have to destabilize and hurt us."

"Home" is digitally released today via RVNG Intl., and the video can be watched in full below. Herndon's affiliated interactive website, also created with Metahaven and frequent collaborator Mat Dryhurst, can be found here.