Watch James Blake Perform "The Wilhelm Scream" Live

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As one of the top-rated comments on this video of James Blake performing a cut from his forthcoming, self-titled album says, "Funny finally seeing him sing this... Weird." We couldn't agree more. But Blake's live performance isn't "weird" to us in any sort of unusual way; it's more "weird" in the sense that the producer/musician/singer/artist has long talked about putting together a proper live show, so actually seeing that for the first time—even if it is just in a video—is sort of like discovering your nerdy friend with Coke-bottle glasses wasn't joking when he said he could breakdance like a pro. Blake and two bandmates perform "The Wilhelm Scream" live in the BBC Radio 1 studios with the ease and confidence of seasoned performers, and completely knock the soulful and cathartic number out of the park. If nothing else, this clip excites us even further for whatever forthcoming live dates of Blake's we'll be lucky enough to catch, not to mention his debut LP, James Blake, which will drop on February 7 via ATLAS/A&M.