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Watch Niagara's New Reality-Bending Video

Pulled from the virtual reality project 'Hyperland,' ‘Firefly’ was created by visual artist C: Pala in collaboration with CyTone and Stefan Maccarelli
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The latest outing from Niagara is the reality-bending Hyperland, an audio-reactive, multi-screen, and multi-user VR experience created in collaboration with Stefano Maccarelli.

Hyperland is a virtual space where a series of random, metaphysical landscapes endlessly morph and change to the tripped-out sounds of the Turin-based experimentalists. According to band member David Tomat, the virtual reality piece is an essential part of the Niagara evolution and their connection to the audience, as it immerses listeners and viewers in their universe.

To give an idea of the otherworldly Hyperland, Niagara have passed over ‘Firefly,’ a part of Hyperland created with the visual artist C : Pala that uses computer-modelled images of the artists themselves.

You can watch the video in full via the player above, with more on the project here.